Prepare your nails for painting with hybrid varnish


A good manicure can be seen from the preparation of the hand and nail plate. Without proper care, preparation of the nail shape, removal of cuticles and a few additional treatments, we have to take into account that the styling will look worse and may fall off quickly. Where to start to prepare your nails for painting with hybrid varnish in the best possible way? We will find the answer below! 

Shape first

It is worth starting the preparation of nails with shaping them. This means that we need to file them gently. There are basic shapes of the nail plate: oval, rectangular, almond and ballerina. As many as women - so many preferences, each of us certainly has a favorite shape and this is how we will prepare the plate. When filing nails, it is worth making sure that the file is moved only in one direction - this will prevent them from splitting. 

Tile prepared for 5+

When is the nail plate perfectly prepared? When the nails are of the same shape, of similar length and polished on top with a soft polisher. In this situation hybrid varnishes they will settle perfectly and stay on the nails for a long time. However, before we cover the nail plate with a new layer of hybrid, it is worth applying a conditioner or a vitamin primer for a while, which will give natural nails shine, nourish and strengthen them. However, remember to rinse your nails with a cleaner after a long time, because the remaining layer of the cosmetic may make it difficult to apply the hybrid and harden it. 

Take care of the skins 

The last step before applying hybrid varnish, but no less important, is taking care of the cuticles. It is a small element that significantly affects the appearance of our hands. First, the cuticles should be gently removed with the help of a special wooden stick or the so-called "hoofs". Then, if necessary, we can cut the remaining skins. However, it is worth remembering that moisturizing the cuticles is a much more durable and better method than cutting them constantly.

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